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1.      A cluster level meeting of CMP was conducted on 04.06.2013 in K.V .NO.1 Batwara , Srinagar under the Chairmanship of venue Principal, Dr. Karunakar Upadhyay


Following members were present in the meeting


1.            Mr. C. R. Bhagat, Principal,                         KV Awantipura

2.            Mr. Amit Walter,                                           KV No. 2 Srinagar

3.            Mr. Chetan Arora,Vice principal                   KV BSF Humhama Srinagar

4.            Mr. Deepak Gurjar,PGT Comp. Sc. Off. Principal, KV3 Srinagar

5.            Mr. Ravi kant PRT                                                    KV No. 1 Srinagar

6.            Mrs. Bhawana Bhushan Bhat, PRT,                 KV No.1 Srinagar

7.            Mr. Vinod Kumar  PRT,                               KV No. 1 Srinagar

8.            Mr. Kulwant Singh, PRT,                              KV Pahalgam

9.            Mrs. Lovendra Singh Rajawat         PRT,                  KV NO2 Srinagar

10.        Mr. Kshitij C Choudhary  PRT                     KV NO.2 Srinagar

11.        Mr. Ravi  Saini         PRT                                          KV No. 3 Srinagar

12.        Mrs. Arti   Yadav,    PRT,                            KVAwantipur

13.        Mr. Vikram Singh PRT                                KV Anantnag

14.        Mr. Prabhat Kumar PRT                              KV BSF Humhama

15.        Mr. MadanLal Dholi PRT(MUS)                 KV Aminoo Kulgam

2.      The meeting began with a welcome note by the venue principal in which he expressed his gratitude for the Principals coming from different Vidayalays of the valley/ cluster.  Mr. Ravi Kant, senior most PRT, gave a brief introduction of the programme and the agenda of the meeting followed by the views expressed by different principals as given below :-


Mr. Bhagat , Principal, K.V Awantipura told that the efforts are required at ground level i.e. at teacher level for effective results for CMP and strengthening of primary education .He stressed upon the preparation by the teachers in advance to do the any activity and the quantum of accountability of the teachers.



Mr.  Amit Walter, Principal, KV NO. 2   put his opinion that students, especially small children learn by doing, so maximum opportunity should be given to children through doing activity and practice on worksheet.




Mr. Chetan Arora,Vice principal, KV BSF Humhama Srinagar

-  Stressed upon the creativity and the involvement of the knowledge from the surrounding to make the subjects lively.

     All the principals shared a common view about the proper utilization of monthly amount for the purchase of TLM material under CMP. It was unanimously decided that material for T.L.M. should be procured in advance after proper planning by the subject teachers in their respective subjects.

Mr.Deepak Gurjar,PGT Comp. Sc. Off. Principal, KV3 Srinagar spoke in favour of creating interest among the students, he stressed upon the need of creating curiosity of learning among the children.


3.  Second session.  After a short break for tea, second session of the meeting started in which the participating PRT’S from various schools of cluster shared their views and everyone came with some innovative ideas and advanced TLM’s which were appreciated by everyone.  Teacher- wise representation is given below:-


(a)    Mr Ravi Kant,PRT, KV NO. 1 suggested that TLM should be prepared of maximum utility and applicable to the students. It should be connected with other subjects and beneficial for both averages as well as below average students.

(b)   There was an open session to discuss the preparation of TLM in which senior most Mr. Ravi Kant for EVS, Mrs Bhawana Bhatfor English, Mr Vinod for Hindi, Mr. Ravi Kant for Maths shared their own experiences and displayed the TLM’S in their respective subjects on different topics.

(c)     During open session, PRT from different school delivered their lessons.

Mrs. Neetu Bhatt, KV No 1 Srinagar presented power point presentation on       Hindi and CCE for                                parents and stressed upon the drill work and lessons was graded as excellent.

 Ms. Gulshan, KV No 1 sgr presented power point presentation on  Maths. She stressed upon the drill work and lessons were graded as excellent.

 Ms Qurat_ul_Mushtaq, K V NO 1 presented power point presentation on  Evs.

4.  After an open discussion about the lesson planning and involvement of the students, the venue Principal Dr. Karunakar Upadhyay, advised the PRTs to deliver a lesson in such away that teacher himself/herself becomes a child when he/she is delivering a lesson to the children. Mr. Ravi Kant stressed upon the use of library in classrooms, medical check up,dental check up and  managing film shows with proper follows up.

5.   The Principals of different Vidyalaya’s gave a magic talisman for the planning for low achievers by expressing his planning:-


      (a) Sort out the low achievers as per annual result.

      (b) Fix a target at your own (teacher’s level) up to which level achievement is to   be done.

      (c) Put the remedy with proper planning and record the achievement continuously.

      (d)  Plan should be made a weekly/monthly basis and evaluation done accordingly  

      (competency based)

      (e)  Prepare a list of low achievers continuously after each remedy and action

      there upon.

      (g)  Evaluate him/her at the end of the year and compare with the target fixed and




6.   In the concluding session an agenda for further planning at cluster level was discussed by as given below:

1) Some special and innovative TLM  to be prepared by each school to display at cluster level.

2)  Workshops to be conducted at school level once in a month.

3) Film shows to be arranged keeping educational and moral values in consideration.

4)  Daily diaries to be maintained by the teachers.



5) Corrections of the notebooks thoroughly in the presence of the child (class work)

6) List of late bloomers to be reflected in the diary for further follow up.

7) A brief book review of library books read by the children.

8) Planning for extraordinary children.

9)  Completion of syllabus as per prescribed norms.

10) CCE plan to be adopted effectively.

11) Use of LCD’S /Computers/OHP for TAL (Technology Aided learning)

12) Instant prize distribution (Planning) term wise.

13) Display of  TLM  in class room and in resource room.

14) Record of skills and competences developed by the teacher.

15) Block period’s utilization and purpose.

16)  Work sheets and assignment to be prepared topic wise.

17) Exchange of CD’s, PPT’s presentation among the schools if something  is prepared.

18) Material to be composed at school level and then at cluster level for newsletter.

19) Meetings will be held at cluster level as per following schedule

     (i) Second meeting- KV No 2, Srinagar in August-2013

A CMP Meeting (primary) was convened by the principal on 30-10-2013 at 12:45 p.m. and the following points on the agenda were discussed at length.

·        The principal started the meeting with a warm welcome and wishing good afternoon.

·        The first thing on the agenda was F.A.-3 syllabus, its preparation and planning.

·        Mrs. Sanjog mishra  i/c cmp focused on CMP & CCE Guidelines .

Points discussed for follows up :-

·        To prepare action plan for slow learners and bright students.

·        Students should maintain discipline in the school.

·        Teachers to submit all worksheets and activity sheets and other materials to I/C  CMP for further perusal .

·        Teachers should prepare holiday homework (Autumn Break) keeping in mind FA-3.

·        Teachers should give attention and instructions to students regarding classroom and school cleanliness.

·        Teachers should use Activity based teaching methods and effective TLM in classroom teaching process.

·        Focused on quality teachings through stories on virtual teaching (Magic studio).

·        Make thought spiritual, pure and refined and remove unnecessary thoughts.

·        Engage yourself in something useful things or tasks.

·        Checking of note - books in time and properly, highlighting correction work.

·        Teachers should decorate their classroom and house display board.

·        Class I – V students who require guidance from subject specific teachers can be called after the school hour with the written permission of parents.

·        Emphasized to tell moral stories to students.

·        The meeting concluded with Principal appeal to become Good Human being, inculcate moral and human values among students.