Annual Report


Annual report
Some Activities of Session 2011-12
i)     Scouts and guides training programme – 08 students qualified the Tritiya Sopan test held at K V No.1 Udhampur and graduated with certificates.
(ii)    NCC Training – 2 NCC cadets participated in cross country race. Cadet Zaid Ali stood 11th in position. Also 5 students attended the camp at old KAKLI for A certificate. 
(iii)   Adventure course- 44 students had enjoyed adventure course held at Pahalgam, they inculcate the spirit of adventure by doing different activities with the help of experts. 
 (iv)   Medical checkup- checkup had been done once in the month of June in the Vidyalaya with the corporation of base hospital.
(v)    Parent’s teacher meeting –the meeting has conducted twice in the Vidyalaya till now. 
VI)   Sports daywas celebrated on 17th of May for secondary & Higher Secondary level, sports under CMP for primary was also celebrated on 22nd October 2011.
VII)   Book Fair- To develop the reading habits among students, Vidyalaya had organized a book fair and various books of different subjects had been displayed. Children enjoyed a lot to see the variety of interesting books.
(viii) Regional Sports Meet– 2 teams of boys, Volleyball and Football participated at regional level. Mas. Firdous Ahmad for Volleyball and Mohd Haroon for Football selected for national level and participated at Gwalier and Chandigarh respectively. 
IX)  Common Minimum Programme- as I already stated that our school is shouldering the responsibility of CMP at cluster level, we have conducted all meetings and activities to fulfill the mission of CMP, and it was appreciated by all the Vidyalaya of Cluster. I feel proud to announce that we are going to publish our Vidyalaya newsletter first time at the end of this month.
(X)  Science exhibition- our school has participated at sub-regional level at KV No1 Udhampur with 6 Models. One model was selected for regional level. 
 (iv)  Social science exhibition- In social science exhibition 32 students represented the school for the culture of state Mizoram and country Indonesia. Our Indonesian Dance was appreciated very much which will be presented before you for your witness today. I hope you also will enjoy it.
(v)  No. of prizes distributed in two sessions – including both sessions around 800 students were encouraged by giving the I, II and III prizes including  CCA and sports. Some of them will be distributed today by our hon’ble chief Guest.
(VI) Distinguished Guest:-It’s our pleasure that Honorable Chairman, Brig Kuldeep Singh visited the Vidyalaya twice for our guidance and motivation. He suggested us to encourage the students to compete in different competitive exams as NDA, SSB, IIT and AIMS etc. He also arranged a guest lecture by a representative of DOEACC from Delhi to train the children in computer as per present demand. Our Vidyalaya was also inspected by our Deputy and Assistant Commissioner both.
Now Last, but not the least, this gives me immense pleasure to feel proud that we have put-in our best efforts to bring the Vidyalaya up to this status and glory, but this is my heart felt feeling that if the built infrastructure and other physical facilities (i.e. new building) would functional we could do more  better. However, I look forward for favorable action and find out the solution from the management authorities to utilize the same for betterment of the children.
Now with this hope that we will touch new heights in future
Thank you
                                                                                                                                                   Jai hind

Session 2010-11
This is proud privilege for the Vidyalaya to present the 44TH annual report. Honorable Chairman Brig Kuldip Singh, VSM** is on the chair on the occasion of 44th annual function of the Vidyalaya
This has become more significant because it is incorporated the achievement of two sessions.
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan - Initially KVS was started with 20 regimental schools to cater the educational need of the ward of central govt. employees, army and paramilitary forces. But keeping increasing demand of the society in view, this facility was extended up to the civilians and resultant of that KVS is running around 1100 KV’s all over the country and 3 in abroad Moscow, Tehran and Kathmandu. KVS has now become a brand name in educational field by giving outstanding results of board  classes X & XII besides providing opportunities through co-curricular activities for all round development of the students.
Not only this, very soon, KVS is going to be the Global Educational Institute- as various tie ups are going to be made with foreign countries. KVS has started teaching the foreign languages like French and German and trying to introduce more languages in future.
K V No1 Srinagar-KV No.1 Sringagar is one of the unit of KVS among 1100 KV’s, was opened on 1st Feb 1967. This is the 45th year of running and proudly celebrating its 44th Annual Function today.
KV No1 Srinagar comprises two sections up to class XII with Science and humanities streams. School strength is around 780 along with 50 staff members.
Enrolment-The first and foremost achievement of the Vidyalaya of last three years is its enrollment position. Enrolment has increased consecutively and this year it is raised up to 780.
Besides the enrolment position, Vidyalaya has achieved an outstanding result in board classes X & XII both qualitatively and quantitatively in spite of 6 months bandh in valley.
Result of class X and XII-The overall result of Class XII including science and humanities stream was 94.3 %, where one of the girl Miss Minkshi  Dwivedi has scored 92% in science stream, with all A1 grades. Moreover 11.62% students have got more than 75% marks in aggregate. Our PI was 58.6% which is more than the regional average. Three students, Miss Minakshi, Mas. Adil hussain & Mas. Hadi Rahman have selected in AIEEE and Mas. Sayeed Bilawal selected in one of the reputed law College in Pune.
Similarly the result of class X was also remained fabulous. The overall result of the class was 98 % which is much more in comparison to previous year. Master Harnoor Singh excelled and got 10 out of 10 CGPA with A1 grades in all five subjects, along with him, 4 more students got 9 & 9.8 CGPA.
CCA-Apart from academic achievements, Vidyalaya provided sufficient opportunities to each and every student to perform in co-curricular activities. As per CCE and KVS activity calendar all the activities had been done. In spite of the temporary infrastructure, no stone was left unturned to provide facilities to improve all round personality of the children,
      Some CC Activities where Vidyalaya got position are as follows
Before I read the performance of the Vidyalaya, I would like to tell you that these competition are conducted in three levels- cluster, regional and national, where around 15-20 kv’s at cluster , 4-5 cluster at   regional and 18 regions at national level compete to each other.
 (i)    Science exhibition- 1 Model prepared by Master Kamil Sajjad was selected at regional level and was displayed at national level where it was placed in 8th position.
 (ii)   Social science exhibition- In social science exhibition 25 students represented the school with models/projects/exhibits and skit at sub regional. One of the students Staffy Rao stood first at regional level in English debate Competition. The Skit of our Vidyalaya also got first position.
 (iii)   Regional Sports Meet –in session 2010-11 the team of our school attended volley ball tournament and won bronze medal at regional level.  2players, Ms. Firdos and Mudasir had been selected for national level sports meet and represented to Jammu region at Bengaluru.
 (iv)    NCC Training – As per the vacancy allotted, 13 Cadets attended camp at Nagrota, out of which 10 cadets qualified for ‘A’ level certificate.
         Events held in the Vidyalaya level throughout the year-
 (i)    Parent’s teacher meeting –the meeting was held twice in the Vidyalaya during the session. 
(ii)    Medical checkup- checkup had been done twice in the Vidyalaya with cooperation of the base hospital.
(iii)   Scouts and guides training programme – about 220 students were trained and qualified Parham and Dwitiya sopan. 
(iv)   Sports day –sports day was celebrated on 14th of November with children’s day at primary level. Besides of this, Education day, teacher’s day, science day, Hindi Pakhwada and many other days were celebrated form the assembly to give maximum exposure to the children from the stage.
(v)    Common Minimum Programme- Our school is cluster host for CMP where 7 KV are there. Our activities done under CMP were recognized and these were framed in News Letter at regional level.
(vi)   NAEP- National adolescence education programme for girls and boys to give the knowledge about physical changes in growing age was conducted throughout the year and a lecture of Lt Col H S Bedi, was arranged gynoecium for girls and Drug addictions for boys.
Annual Report 2009-10
Honorable chief guest, esteemed guests and all the dignitaries present. It gives me immense pleasure to present you the brief annual report of the session 2009-2010.
            Session 2009-2010 has been a year of achievements which have been a result of the combined efforts of the staff, the students, parents and the management authorities.
·        Brief introduction -Since K.V’s are the pioneers of the educating in so many fields that is why running successfully 986 schools all over the country including 3 in abroad.
K.V No 1 Srinagar being one of these prestigious institution was started in Feb. 1967 and had produced many class I officers, army officers and in other posts who have been working in different fields.
            This Vidyalaya has 10+2 pattern comprising 2 sections each, with 2 streams science and humanities in higher secondary accommodating approximately 700 students.
·        Vidyalaya infrastructure – At present Vidyalaya is running in temporary building under the management of 31 Sub Area BB Cantt.
 It is being tried to give all the facilities as much as possible in the same building even than Vidyalaya requires many facilities to improve upon all the fields like sports, CC activities and improvement of proper sanitary wears etc.
But this is the matter of happiness that our new building has been constructed by the Sangathan with all the facilities at Shivpura and ready to shift which will be a boon for the students since they will get a well-planned infrastructure with all latest facilities.
·        Achievements- Vidyalaya is enriched with well-educated staff in all streams though, of and on transfers occur and the new vacancies are filled to fulfill the need of the students not in the field of scholastic only, our school is a step ahead in non-scholastic fields like.
(i)            Board result- Class X over all aggregate result of class X was 95.3 and Mas Prantik Viswas has got I position with 4 A1 Grades and 9.8 CGPA.
(ii)          Board result- Class XII- The overall result of class xii including science and humanities was 80%. Miss Harpreet Kour was excelled I position with 77%.
(iii)         Science exhibition- 4 models were selected in cluster and 1 at regional level. Also two students were selected in quiz competition at regional.
(iv)         Social science exhibition- In social science exhibition 32 students represented the school with models/projects/exhibits at cluster and regional. One of the exhibits of Ms Sumit Pal Singh, Mas Varun Rajdan of Class IX was selected for National level.
(v)          Sports - this year the team of our school attended volley ball tournament and achieved silver medal at regional level. Also 3 players have been selected for national level sports meet at Delhi.
(vi)         Mathematics Olympiad- 12 students were qualified in Maths Olympiad of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and participated at Udhampur.
(vii)       NCC Training – In NCC 40 cadets have been registered and 13 attended camp at Nagrota out of which 10 cadets participated for ‘A’ level certificate.
(viii)      Teacher’s achievement- 6 teachers have attended in-service courses and two teachers attended basic course of scout and guide.  
·        Events held in the Vidyalaya throughout the year-
(i)                 Parent’s teacher meeting –the meeting held two times in the Vidyalaya to discuss the progress of their wards and invite their valuable suggestions. And school got benefitted form their valuable suggestions.
(ii)               Medical checkup- checkup has been donetwo times in the Vidyalaya with the help of competent doctor’s team of base hospital and dental unit 15, core. BB Cantt.
(iii)              Scout and guide training programme – events hold’s throughout the year and a camp was organized at campus for cub and bulbul and scout and guide in which near about 200 students participated and qualified for Parham and Dwitiya sopan.
(iv)         Sports day – Celebrated on 14th of November with children’s day at primary level. Also education day, Hindi Diwas and many other days were celebrated form the assembly to give maximum exposure to the children from the stage.
(v)                CMP- i.e. Common minimum programme for primary section is introduced recently by the Sangathan to provide better opportunities to the primary children by giving them latest pattern of learning through film shows/ computer aided learning/ visiting nearby places, improving spoken English etc. under this CMP programme. Our school is the pioneer to do many of the activities.
(vi)         NAEP-National adolescence education programme for girls and boys to give the knowledge about physical changes in growing age was conducted and a lecture was arranged at school level.
(vii)       Some prestigious exams conducted in the Vidyalaya-This year, our Vidyalaya conducted AIEEE, NIOS and other prestigious exams successfully even in temporary building with the help of management authority 31 sub area.
·        Problems –Vidyalaya is facing only bigger problem which is the shifting of the Vidyalaya. Shifting of the Vidyalaya is delayed last one year just because of security arrangement. But I personally fill that this also will be resolved soon.